Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #5 - October 2015

It's time for my review of my 5th fix from Stitch Fix. Wait, I don't remember a review of #4....yeah, yeah, yeah...I got busy. I will be posting that one later this week or next week. Spoiler alert: #4 was a perfect 5/5!
So, here goes nothing. Oh yeah, and don't mind the hair and no makeup. I knew with the playoffs going on that Sunday night was the only possible time I had to try everything on, and I didn't feel like getting dolled up. Unfortunately, the playoffs ended a bit too early for my beloved Cardinals. Even my daughter was upset with their early departure...
See? Doesn't that just break your heart. Shame on you Cubs for upsetting my baby like that!
Back to the review:
For this Fix, here was my note to my Stylist: "My daughter's 3rd bday party is at the end of October. I would love a cute fall outfit to wear to that...dress or pants/top...either would work great. Also, I would like some casual fall pieces for this fix." I chose to keep it pretty simple, and let the stylist do her job. After all, that's why I joined Stitch Fix in the first place!
Here is the note from my stylist. I really like that she referenced my note to her and my Pinterest board. Makes me feel like I truly do have my own personal stylist...nevermind the fact that I'm sharing her with loads of other people.
Now, on to the fashion show.
41 Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Jersey Top with Kut From the Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jeans, accessorized with the Mediterranean Beaded Necklace
My first thought: I'm so in LOVE with this necklace!!
My next thought: Can I really pull off black jeans?? These jeans are amazing...super comfy, fits amazing (how can a stylist who has never met me before send such great fitting jeans?), best jeans EVER. I polled the Stitch Fix group on Facebook, and they assured me that black jeans are in and can be worn with anything. With that feedback, I chose to KEEP! I love the Dolman top as fits great and is very comfortable. As far as the black on black, I'm still not convinced I can pull it off. I think I will try a colorful scarf with big earrings and a bracelet. I am keeping all 3 pieces, but I will not be wearing it to my daughter's bday party though...I found the perfect shirt for it elsewhere. I will be pairing that with my new fabulous black jeans. Don't worry, I will have a blog post all about her party in a couple weeks.
Iner Kahla Tie-Neck Blouse
I saw this blouse on Pinterest and was so excited for it to be in my fix. I love the color and I think the style works well on me. Unfortunately, there was one problem:
The arm holes are just too big! :( This makes me so sad. I don't think I can size down though, b/c the XS would be too tight on my ribcage. I am so sad to see this one go back.
RD Style Lada Cowl Neck Sweater
Lily mentioned that this particular sweater runs big, and I styled it just how she mentioned...but, it's still too big and bulky. It was very comfy and warm though! So, this will also be returned.
Overall, I was very happy with this fix. Lily did a great job coming up with fall casual clothes at my request. She put me a little out of my comfort zone with black jeans, but I am super happy to now own a pair! I can't wait until Fix #6!