Thursday, February 18, 2016

February - Stitch Fix #9 Review

Wow! I am already on my 9th fix. That doesn't even seem possible. What seems more impossible is that I'm more in love with Stitch Fix now than I was when I was anxiously awaiting my first fix.

This month my request to my stylist was, "I am heading to Tokyo on Feb 20th for a week for a work trip/vacation. For this trip, I am in desperate need of a smallish crossbody purse. I would also love a jacket that's great for temps in the 40s. Another pair of jeans or a colored pair of emers would probably also be good to have. I can't wait for this fix or my trip to Japan."  I again requested Solenice to style my fix, since my last 2 were great.

She once again did not disappoint.  She referenced my note, my blog, and my Pinterest board.  I'm one happy Stitch Fix customer.

For this fix, I received a pair of pants, 2 tops, 1 jacket, and a purse.

41 Hawthorn Ackley Houndstooth Print Blouse
Solenice said she picked this specifically for me because she thought it would look really cute on me.  I agree.  I like how it can be casual with jeans or dressed up with a pair of slacks for work.  I think I'm going to pair it with my black emers, red statement necklace, and red flats for one of my days in Japan.  Be looking for that blog post soon!
Verdict: Keep

Level 99 Patrick Chino Pant
I asked for a pair of colored pants, and Solenice delivered.  A side view of these pants is in the above picture.  Another picture is shown below with the sweater.  I love how these pants fit.  They accentuate all of the right spots.  They are so comfy too.  They would be great for wearing while acting like a tourist all day.
Verdict: Keep

41Hawthorn Demi Pullover Sweater
I had this sweater on my Pinterest board, so I was happy to see it in my fix.  Again this sweater can either be casual or work it when that happens.  Based on Solenice's suggestion, I paired it with the Level 99 Patrick Chino Pants.  I think the combo looks great.  I have a long green statement necklace that I will also add to complete this outfit.  Again, this outfit will be going in my suitcase...speaking of which, I probably should start packing soon.
Verdict: Keep

Coffeeshop Adavale Cargo Jacket
I'll admit it...I've seen lots of people on Facebook or Pinterest with these types of jackets, but I just wasn't sure about them.  When I pulled it out of the box, I still wasn't sure.  Then, I put it on.  I REALLY LIKE it.  I also love that it has a hood, as it might rain while I'm in Japan.  It's the perfect on-the-go jacket.  Thanks, Solenice!
Verdict: Keep

Octavia Jolene Zipper Flap Crossbody Bag
I specifically asked for a crossbody purse in this fix.  Oh.My.God.  LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  That's really I have to say about that.
Verdict: Keep...Obviously!

Yay for a 5/5 fix!!  At the rate Solenice and I are going, I'm going to have to stop receiving fixes on a monthly basis or find a part time job to pay for everything!  I seriously am enamored with Stitch Fix.

 My flight for Japan leaves on Saturday, and I'll be there for a week.  Eeek...can't wait!  Check back the week of Feb 29th for a blog post about my trip.  I'm sure all of the above items will make an appearance in pictures.