Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did Not Finish

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. If only the race was the Chicago 18 miler, I would have been golden.

On Sunday, I was very upset about not being able to finish. I did listen to my body though, so I know I did the right thing. The temperatures reached the mid 80s with blaring sunshine. The course alert system went from a green at the start of the race to yellow to finally red. Red indicated a high alert level which meant potentially dangerous conditions. The recommended actions for red were "slow down/observe course changes/follow event official instruction/consider stopping." After a "bubble" forming in my right ear which led to difficulties breathing, I started to worry. After seeing a lady being carried off the course in a stretcher, I really started worrying and ended up having a panic attack. I kept trying to push through, and the last few miles that I ran/walked were a complete blur. I finally pulled over at the medical tent at mile 18 to call it a day.

To be honest, I have been beating myself up for not finishing. However, I know that I would have just caused myself harm had I continued. Luckily, I have already signed up for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis on December 4. The temperature should be much better, and I won't have to travel! I will conquer the marathon!!


  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you WILL conquer the marathon!

  2. You will! You are also the smartest to call it a day when you did. No use hurting yourself, so keep on truckin'!