Monday, August 16, 2010

Recap and Things to Come

My training was going really well last week, that is until Sunday rolled around. I went to bed early Saturday night and woke up early Sunday morning in anticipation for my 17 mile run. I ate a light breakfast, got dressed, relaxed a bit so my food could settle, stretched, and away I went. I ran the first 3 mile loop with no problem. Half a mile into my 2nd 3 mile loop it hit me; I had to stop or else I was going to throw up in someone's front yard. I walked the .5 miles back home hoping to settle my stomach. No luck. I went inside and sat around for about a half hour, but my stomach was still upset. I was devastated. I really wanted to test myself and prove that I could run 17 miles. I guess I will wait until this weekend to get there.

Schedule for this week:

Monday: Ab Work and Pushups
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: Upper Body Dumbbells
Saturday: 17-18 miles (My original schedule calls for 18. Since I didn't run 17 yesterday, I will either run 17 or 18 depending on how I feel.)
Sunday: REST

Let me tell you something, it is HOT and HUMID in Memphis. I get up early before work to do my weekday runs. It is already in the 80s with 96% humidity. The only good thing is that the sun is not up yet. On my long weekend runs this poses a big problem. I am not a fast runner by any means, so these long runs span 3+ hours. I am not going to start running at 2:30 or 3am to get home before the sun rises at 6. These long runs are a real struggle, because by 9am the heat index has usually already hit 110. I just have to keep reminding myself that Chicago in October is going to feel WONDERFUL compared to August in Memphis!

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  1. Seriously, you are going to be able to run anything after this crazy heat! The heat makes me sick to my stomach sometimes just from going to the grocery store or running errands. It's awful!