Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recap and Upcoming

Last week, training was rolling right along. I was feeling pretty confident about my 20 mile run. That is, until the day of the run. My stomach was upset before I even started my run. I ran my first lap and had to stop several times because of my stomach. I decided I had to push on though. I was able to complete 3 laps (9.45 miles) before I just had to stop. My body was telling me no! Even though this was supposed to be THE prep run for the marathon, my spirits were not down. I ran 19 miles a couple weeks ago, and I felt pretty good afterwards. I know that I could have continued running. Even though my body let me down, mentally I was ok.

These next weeks leading up to the marathon are my tapering weeks. I had a scheduled 5 mile run yesterday. I set out yesterday morning as usual. At one point during the 1st mile, I tripped over something on the sidewalk. Since it's extremely dark when I run in the AM, I had no idea what it was. Luckily, I was able to catch myself from falling. Then, 7 houses down from mine, I stumbled and completely lost my balance. I fell hard and slid across the concrete for a bit. My hands and right lower leg are scrapped up. The really bad part is my right hip/thigh that took the brunt of the fall. I was limping around all of yesterday. I had a tough time falling asleep last night, because I normally sleep on my right side. This morning, I hurt too much to attempt my 4 mile run. I'm hoping by resting it, I will be able to continue running tomorrow. It better start feeling better soon; the Chicago Marathon is right around the corner.

Here is my (hopefully) revised schedule for the week:
Monday - Strength Training (upper body)
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - 5 miles
Saturday - Strength Training (upper body and abs)
Sunday - 12 miles

I received my Chicago Marathon Participant Guide in the mail Monday. I immediately sat down and read it cover to cover. I am getting excited and nervous!

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