Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Answers to Odd One Out

1. spill, cusp, blame, aspect, inspire
- Only blame does not contain the cluster sp in its structure.

2. scarlet, blue, vermillion, crimson, coral
- All words except blue refer to a shade, tinge, or hue of red.

3. limp, drop, plain, like, true
- All words except plain are 4 letter words.

4. orange, carrot, bean, squash, potato
- Orange is a fruit while all others refer to vegetables.

5. balloon, sphere, globe, cube, marble
- All the words except cube refer to things that have a spherical shape.

6. avid, era, island, try, underneath
- Try is the only word that does not start with a vowel.

7. send, comprehend, catch, impend, trend
- All words except catch end with the cluster nd.

8. water, clay, fluid, drink, serum
- All words except clay refer to liquids.

9. away, easy, aha, data, manna
- All the words except easy have two a's in them.

10. cup, bowl, box, pole, vase
- All the words except pole refer to containers.

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  1. #1 "inspire" is a verb; others are nouns