Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maintain Your Brain - Word Sequences.

There are four words in a row, each of which is related to the one previous to it in some way. You will be given two choices to complete the five word sequence. The goal is to figure out which of the two comes next in the sequence.

1. sun, bun, fun, run, ...
a. pan
b. pun

2. arrive, immortal, attire, bass, ...
a. connect
b. deem

3. four, nine, leaf, tree, ...
a. nice
b. branch

4. I, am, two, call, ...
a. build
b. appearance

5. boy, man, mister, gent, ...
a. gal
b. guy

6. the, girl, loves, watching, ...
a. movies
b. she

7. scientist, Italian, inventor, controversial, ...
a. musician
b. Galileo

8. wow, dad, tot, pop, ...
a. mom
b. lip

9. answer, bright, crewcut, daring, ...
a. afraid
b. engaged

10. at, par, span, latch, ...
a. crabby
b. creamy

This puzzle is from The Total Brain Workout by Marcel Danesi, Ph.D.

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    1. Pun - In each word, only the initial consonant is different. The remaining 2 letters (un) remain constant throughout the sequence.

    2. Connect - Each word has a double consonant in it.

    3. Nice - Each word has 4 letters in it.

    4. Build - The letters in the words increase in numerical order.

    5. Guy - Each word refers to a male.

    6. Movies - The words, if joined, will form a sentence.

    7. Galileo - Each word is a clue related to Galileo. He was a scientist, an Italian, and an inventor. At the time, his theories were considered controversial.

    8. Mom - Each word is a palindrome.

    9. Engaged - The words start with the letters of the alphabet in order (A, B, C, D, E).

    10. Crabby - The only vowel in each word is A.