Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Finally Blogging Again

So, I am finally blogging again. I originally started this blog when I was training for the 2010 Chicago Marathon so that people could keep track of my training progress and provide me with encouragement. Then, I fell out of love with running. The blog then became my platform for Alzheimer's Awareness. Apparently, my last blog post was in August 2012...just 2 months before Brenna came into our lives. Any coincidence that I haven't blogged since she was born??? The format of the blog will be changing some. I will now use it to express anything that happens to come to my mind. Those topics will still include Alzheimer's Awareness and Running/Working Out. Others will include some of my Stampin' Up projects (why should I be the only one that gets to enjoy them), Stitch Fix reviews (I received my first fix this weekend, and I am hooked.), and whatever I think is interesting. Let's hope I keep up the posts this time!

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