Friday, July 24, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 Review - July 2015

My second fix from Stitch Fix arrived this week. YAY!!!!
I know it's been less than a month since my first fix, but I'm hooked and really wanted new clothes for my upcoming trip to South Carolina.
Did you know that you can leave personalized messages for your Stitch Fix stylist??? That's exactly what I did. I let her know that I was requesting this fix specifically for my summer vacation to Charleston. I provided her a list of some of the activities I thought I would be doing. She definitely paid attention and came through for me. I love how personalized her note is!!
Now, onto the clothes!
H&C Collection Bickenhall Split Back Top & Henry & Belle Abana Ankle Length Skinny Jean
Based on my stylist's suggestion, I paired these two pieces together. I wasn't impressed with them together...something about the combo of black and white with blue just didn't do it for me. But, I really liked them separate. By that, what I mean to say is that I really, really, really LOVE the Bickenhall Split Back Top and as my 3 days of trying on the skinnies progressed I started to fall in love with them too.
Don't you just love the back of this blouse??
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture...but, I went out on a limb last night as I was packing and paired this top with some black shorts. What a great vacation outfit! I'll make sure hubby takes pics of my wearing it to post it later. Since I didn't like the blouse and skinny jeans together, I started searching my closet for ways to wear the skinny jeans. I think I found some good options. Here's one of them:
So, if you are wondering about the denim jacket, it is the one that my stylist sent me this fix and referenced in my note. Just USA Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket Based on the style card that was included, I chose to roll up the sleeves...they were actually too long not rolled. I think it turned out well.
Gilli Ryland Maxi Dress
This dress looks and feels like it was made especially for me!! It fits amazing and is very flattering to my body (if I do say so myself). The material is's not your typical cotton maxi. 100% keeper!! I can't wait to wear it to an upcoming baby shower that I'm attending. Did you notice my necklace from my first fix??
Here's a look at the sytlist's suggestion of pairing the maxi with the denim jacket. I need your thoughts on it!
Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee
Meh, it's just a gray tee shirt. Yes, it is made of different material (think light sweater)...but, it's still just a boring gray tee shirt. My closet already has boring gray tee shirts. :)
So...what did I keep??? In the end, I kept everything. I really just wanted 4 out of the 5 items, but if you buy all 5 you get a 25% discount on the entire fix. It was actually cheaper to keep the boring gray shirt than it would have been to return it. I made sure I left that feedback upon checkout though.
Thinking about signing up for Stitch Fix??? All the links in the post direct you using my referral link. If you sign up using any of these links, I get a $25 credit. Yay for free money helping me support my new found addiction!!

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