Friday, August 28, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #3 - August 2015

Well, I am officially hooked. When I first signed up for Stitch Fix on June 17th of THIS year, I thought I would sign up to receive a fix every 2 months...maybe even every 3 months. On August 21st, I received my 3rd fix. Oops! And if I'm being truly honest, my 4th fix is scheduled to arrive on September 17th.
For this fix, I asked my stylist to concentrate on wear to work pieces. I am in desperate need of a work wardrobe upgrade, so Stitch Fix is my fairy godmother. So, what did I received in my 3rd fix??
Skies are Blue Ferris Mixed Material Collared Top with Margaret M Emer Printed Straight Leg Pant
Let's start with the pants. These pants are amazingly comfortable. They pull right on and fit like a glove. I really like the way these look on me and accentuate all the right places. The pattern though...I am not a patterned pants to work type of gal. I'm very conservative...the craziest I get with my pants are my solid fushia pants. And what you can't see from that picture is the pattern is actually both white and blue.
I posted these on facebook...both to my friends and a Stitch Fix message board. Everyone raved on how amazing they were and how I must keep them. In the end, I just don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing that much pattern to work. Verdict: Returned
Now on to the burgundy top. It looked really good with these pants. Other than that, I wasn't sold. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was about it, but I just felt like it was something a grandpa would wear. Call me crazy...I don't know. Verdict: Returned
Papermoon Claraday Pleat Detail Blouse
I'm pretty sure my expression says it all. How many people are supposed to wear this at one time?? Verdict: Returned
41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse
The color of this one...I'm in love. Purple is a very good color on me. I really should wear purple more. I like the style of this blouse; my only complaint is that it's a bit big. I have asked customer service if they would exchange it for a Small rather than the Medium that is pictured here. I like the versatility of this piece. It will look great with both slacks for work and with leggings/skinny jeans during the fall. Verdict: Kept, requested smaller size
Zad Jorja Teardrop Bauble Necklace
The color and style of this are right up my alley. However, it just felt cheaply made. Since I have lots of jewelry in these tones already, I decided to pass. Verdict: Returned
This month's fix was only a 1/5, but I'm perfect ok with that. I tried on pieces that I wouldn't have picked for myself. I've come to the conclusion that fitted pants are my friend, whereas most of the pants in my closest currently are not. I figure that every time I provide my Stitch Fix stylist with feedback, my fixes will get better and better. Having a 1/5 this month is also how I can justify ordering my next one to arrive in less than a month. :)

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