Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: Week of 6/14

This past week, I had to fly to Phoenix for a meeting on Tuesday afternoon. I arrived back in Memphis early Thursday morning (2am). The flight back messed up my training scheduled for Thursday (Strength Training).

Here is a recap of what I was able to do this week.

Monday - Strength Training
I did my upper body dumbbell routine and 15 minutes of ab work. My abs were extremely sore the next day.

Tuesday - 3 miles
This run went really well. Nothing beats a good early morning run.

Wednesday - 5 miles
Even though I was in Phoenix, I was able to complete my scheduled run. I ran on the hotel treadmill before my meeting.

Thursday - Rest
This day was supposed to be another strength training day, but I was unable to train due to my flight schedule.

Friday - 3 miles
This 3 mile run went even better than the one on Tuesday. I think that my pace is finally back to my pre-injury pace!

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - 9 miles
Last Sunday I waited until too late in the morning to run (8:30am). By the time I was finished the heat index was already 104. I learned my lesson! This Sunday, I hit the road at 5:30am. Regardless, I was still drenched when I returned. One thing I learned on this run is that someone in my neighborhood mows their lawn at 6:30am. Who mows their lawn that early on a Sunday?!?!? The last couple miles of this run were tough, but I made it!

Total mileage for the week: 20 miles


  1. Purely amazing! I haven't run in over a month, but the heat is definitely keeping me from picking it back up. I should try the treadmill, but I usually hate them. Any tips on how to motivate yourself with no open road or landmarks?

  2. Amanda,

    Here is an article that I found on about some different variations to try on a treadmill.,7124,s6-238-263--608-0,00.html

    Also, if I have to run on a treadmill then I try and make sure that something interesting is on TV or my iPod to get me through the run.

    You can look at your runs as "Me time," complete time away from Jason and the kids. :) The longer the run, the more me time you have.

    I find that a great motivator is signing up for a race. If I have something to train for, then I make myself a schedule and stick to it. If I don't have anything specific to train for, my motivation does tend to fall off a bit.