Monday, March 15, 2010

Recap of Week 3/8

On Monday, I did upper body strength training and ab work. I decided to once again do my upper body exercises using dumbbells. Doing this seems to work really well for me.

Tuesday, I ran the scheduled 5 miles. My pace was 10:47. I was pretty happy about that.

Tuesday night, my legs felt sore from the past weekend’s 10 mile run. I had John rub them for me. When he was rubbing them, I noticed a very tender spot on my lower right leg. It was pretty painful when he touched down on that spot. I decided to go ahead and test it out on Wednesday to see if I was able to run.

On Wednesday, I ran the 3 miles with no problem. Afterwards, I did the lower body weight machines. While doing the calf extension machine, I noticed the soreness in the same area as the night before.

Wednesday night was awful. As my 80 pound dog was climbing into bed, he stepped on my leg…in the exact spot that had been bothering me. It was very painful. I decided to forgo my Thursday run. When I woke up on Thursday morning and got out of bed, I had difficulty putting weight on my right leg.

It had been on and off pain from Thursday through Saturday. I decided to not do anything until Sunday. On Sunday, I had the goal of doing the whole scheduled 11 miles. Realistically, I was going to run as far as I could without pain. Unfortunately, that was only 1 mile. I was in a lot of pain!

I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for this afternoon. Once we determine the cause of my pain, I will go from there. I was planning on running the Germantown

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