Monday, March 1, 2010

Recap of Week 2/22

I was sick on Monday, so I didn't do any workout.

On Tuesday morning when I woke up, my stomach was still upset. I contemplated not working out again, but finally decided against it. I'm glad I did. I did a 5 mile run, and it went really well. For the first mile, my stomach hurt. After that, there were no problems at all.

On Wednesday, I did my 3 mile run. I wore pants to the gym, and it was miserably hot. After my run, I did lower body weights and abs. I varied my ab routine from what I have been doing the last couple of months. It is going to take a while to get used to the new routine.

On Thursday, I had a 5 mile run scheduled. I woke up that morning and hard a hard time walking. My right ankle was pretty sore. I decided to forgo the run that day. Instead, I did my strength training that had been schedule for Friday. I only did upper body weights though, because I had done abs the day before. I also decided to not do the cross training to rest my ankle. During my upper body exercises, I decided to increase the weight on my bench press. I am still sore today!

On Friday, my ankle was still a bit tender. I decided to do my run anyway. After the first 2 miles, I thought about stopping because pain also started in my knee. I ran a bit longer, and most of the pain went away. So, I finished all 5 miles. Bad idea! All the rest of the day on Friday, my ankle was throbbing. I was very glad that I would have 2 days of rest before my next run.

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