Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recap of Week 2/8

Here is a recap of the past week.

Due to the weather on Monday, the gym was closed. Therefore, I wasn't able to do my planned strength training. Instead, I went to the gym extra early on Friday to do my strength training before my cross training. It was a long workout, but it felt really good.

On Tuesday, a 5 mile run was scheduled. For some reason, this run was one of the hardest that I have ever had. The first 2 miles were just miserable. After 2 miles, I told myself that if I made it to 3 I could stop. After 3 miles, I talked myself into 4. Finally, I decided to do all 5 miles. I was very happy afterwards that I completed all 5 miles.

Wednesday, the 3 miles were no problem. For the lower body strength training, I did 5 lower body weight machines. Then, I completed 15 minutes of ab work.

Thursday's 4 miles went really well. I had a lot of energy when I was finished. I was even able to sprint the last 1/4 of a mile.

Today, I ran 7 miles. My time was 1:15:17. I was happy with my time since it was under 11 minute miles. I was struggling between 5.5 miles and 6.25 miles, but I was able to come up with enough energy to make the last .75 miles very productive.

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