Monday, February 1, 2010

Training Schedule for Week of Feb. 1

Due to the ice on the roads yesterday, I had to be creative and modify my training schedule for this week. This morning, I ran the 5 miles I was supposed to run yesterday. The schedule for the rest of the week is:

Tuesday: Strength Training (This will consist of 45 minutes of upper body free weights and 15 minutes of ab work.)
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 2 miles + Strength Training (The strength training will consist of 15 minutes of lower body work and 15 minutes of ab work.)
Friday: 3 miles
Saturday: Cross-Training (Due to pushing cross-training back a day and having no rest day, the cross-training will be easy this week. I just plan to walk around the Pink Palace with my mom while we experience Chocolate: The Exhibition.)
Sunday: 6 miles

The total number of miles scheduled for this week is 20 miles.


  1. Saturday's cross training event sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh, I didn't know cross-training was so low impact. I wonder why you have to buy those special shoes? ;)